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"We Smell In Stereo"

Format: LP, CD, digital          Release: 03.03.2023

"We smell in stereo" is the title of the new Pulsar Trio
album, on which the three musicians celebrate their
magical-musical bond that has matured over many years
of playing together.
Like a group of sharks on a common hunt - driven by the
same goal and acting perfectly together almost like a single
organism - the trio explores their very own cosmos hunting
the perfect musical moment.
The unique line-up of Indian sitar, piano, drums and
electronics alone means that the Pulsar Trio has always
walked a fine line and one is always amazed at how much
new musical territory is discovered here without ever
falling prey to obvious clichés.
Their fourth studio album skillfully oscillates between
sparkling piano beauty, virtuoso sitar magic and playful
percussion work. Pieces of effervescent instrumental
ecstasy follow intimate introspections and delicate sound

"Despite the unusual instrumentation and eclecticism, the sounds of the album form a coherent amalgam and the band's expression is amazingly structured. For all its communicativeness and accessibility, there are no obvious concepts in this music. The airiness of sound balances the fundamental gravity of the compositions. The smooth of it never degenerates into sweetness. Another great album by this extraordinary trio" 2/ about the new album "We Smell In Stereo" by the Pulsar Trio

Ralf Dombrowski writes:

"The sitar is a musical color, but also an unusually utilized voice, the meaning of which goes beyond the recognition value. Matyas Wolter uses it as a melody carrier but he also lets it run through expansive spaces -often supported by reverberation- countered by percussion with rhythmically shimmering sounds and surrounded by oscillating, sometimes pathetically dense piano figures the Pulsar Trio differs on many levels from conventional piano ensembles, incorporating the touch of Indian music as a motif into the music, which utilized tonal garlands, merging lines and emphatic energies "We Smell In Stereo" is one of those albums that won't wear out anytime soon." // stereo play 3/23

Stefan Franzen:

"The suspicion arises that at least one of the members of this band has a synesthetic disposition. We smell in stereo could also indicate that sounds from East and West merge into a completely new spatial sound image. In their combination of jazzy improvisation the musicians of the Pulsar Trio take the pop song gesture and the timbre of the sitar a powerful step forward on their fourth album. The syncopated "Flotjet" as an opener with crazy tremolos ensures a high pulse, which is immediately cooled down contemplatively.

This balance determines the rest of the work: the title track catapults the listener into space with force, "Glaciers" on the other hand has a delicate tension curve that insists on one note only, and "Susan" is a floating declaration of love. Baroque figures shine through in "Bacheweich" before the "Schlendryan" behaves in a bulbous manner with the bass sitar. You sniff your way through the sound spaces of these compositions and the olfactory receptors say: East and West merge in the top, heart and base notes to form a successful new fragrance pyramid."// a green belt of sound 2/23


Pulsar Trio Live in Berlin Vinyl 12inch 1



We are growing old and this release celebrates our 500th live concert! After concerts people often want to take home a recording of what they just heard in its enirety. Since our performances usually consist of tracks from our three studio albums plus new & unreleased material it makes it hard to cater to such needs. Furthermore our tunes keep developing and what we recorded in 2012 sounds quite different on stage now. So here is for all our fans, friends and followers a full-lenght, current, energetic Pulsar Trio live concert

recorded in a professional studio setting. We hope that it captures some of the energy that live-performances can develop -in a high-fidelity sound!

All tracks except „Susan“ and „Glaciers“ have been released on studio albums before. „Susan“ is in memory of the great guitarist Susan Weinert whom we had the pleasure to share stage with last autumn in Saarbrücken. Like „Susan“ „Glaciers“ is another new track which is still in its infancy and might shine in different lights on our next studio album. 




“Instrumental Music from Prussia - Volume I” 10inch EP

Format: 10” Vinyl EP                  Release: summer 2019

Strictly limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies. 

“INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FROM PRUSSIA - VOLUME I” features two new pieces of music that sound very much unlike anything Pulsar Trio sounded before: while the A-side “RIDE THE UMBRELLAS OF DOOM” reminds vaguely of raw and aggressive 60ies surf music (with the sitar sounding more like a very, very dirty electric organ) the B-side “IN BETWEEN CHRIST AND VOLTAIRE” is a feast of free improvised soundscapes on prepared piano, prepared sitar, percussion and some sonic vibrator-fun.
Scanning the QR-code at the back of the cover will lead the owner of this EP to a secret video clip of the B-side.



ResizedImage805805 PULSAR Zoo of Songs


CD: "ZOO OF SONGS" á 15€ (+2€ shipping) 
Vinyl: LP "ZOO OF SONGS" 180g-Vinyl á 20 € (+5€ shipping)

Musikalisch noch enger zusammen gewachsen und präzise wie ein Uhrwerk präsentieren sich die neuen Stücke mit organisch-stringenter Textur und einigen neuen Klangfarben im bekannten Pulsar Trio Gewand.

Ein paar der Stücke sind inspiriert von der Arbeit zum Tanz-Theaterstück "Flugmodus" mit den Tänzern der Laura Heinecke Company.

Aufgenommen wurde mit Arno Jordan und Peter Junge im Schloss Röhrsdorf. Gemischt und gemastert von Arno Jordan.

Das Album "ZOO OF SONGS" erschien am 6.4.2018 bei t3Records.




Cover 2.10. VI


CD: "Cäthes Traum" á 15€ (+2€ shipping)
Vinyl: LP "Cäthes Traum" 180g-Vinyl á 20 € (+5€ shipping)  

2015 war ein konzertreiches Jahr. Es begann mit einem Kreativurlaub in Kai Maders Dorfplatz Studio in Kanin. Umgeben von Natur und weiter, ausladener Landschaft entstanden die Songs des Albums "Cäthes Traum".

Aufgenommen wurden die Kompositionen dann gemeinsam mit Idan Altman in den Greve Studios in Berlin. Gemischt und gemastert von Idan Altman.

Das zweite Album "CÄTHES TRAUM" erschien 2016 bei t3 Records.





Erpelparka Suite 



CD: "Erpelparka Suite" (2012) á 15€ (+2€ shipping) 

2011 nahmen sie ihr Erstlingswerk in den heimatlichen Gefilden der Pianistin in der Niederlausitz auf. Ihr Debutalbum "Erpelparka Suite" erschien 2012 beim renommierten britischen Label FIRST HAND RECORDS.

Aufgenommen und gemischt von Kai Mader. Gemastert von Nikolaus Schwab.

Sie tourten mit dem Album erfolgreich durch England, Deutschland, Dänemark, Tschechien und Österreich. 

Die Mittelbayerische Zeitung schreibt:


"Was beim Pulsar Trio und ihrer jazzy Weltmusik mit feinem psychodelischem Einschlag angenehm auffällt, ist die lockere Selbstverständlichkeit, mit der Matyas Wolter an der Sitar und Pianistin Beate Wein zusammen agieren. (...) Deswegen, und weil mit Aaron Christ das Trio auch noch mit einem ebenso querdenkenden wie bei Bedarf auch hoch sensiblen Schlagzeuger komplettiert wird, sind die Drei aus Potsdam absolut hörenswert. Beim "Gute - Laune - Faktor" reicht sowieso kaum einer der Großen an sie ran."

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