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In spring 2007 Matyas Wolter and Beate Wein met music wise. Both got to know closer in Kolkata during Wolter´s annual visit of India. The first attempts to combine the sitar with the piano started in Potsdam. Not much later Aaron Christ joined in and the trio was born. What all of them had in common was the delight to experiment, the joy of playing as well as their daring nature. The unique instrumentation with Matyas Wolter sitar and surbahar, Aaron Christ drums and Beate Wein piano and bassnovation brings up a distinguished texture and sound aesthetic, exceptional of its kind.





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Matyas Wolter
Beate Wein
(Piano, Bass Novation, Pianet) 
Aaron Christ



“It is a musical summit meeting of the unusual.”



Pulsar Trio – winner of the Global Music contest CREOLE 2014 – has been making music together intensively for 11 years. The unique instrumentation with Matyas Wolter sitar and surbahar, Aaron Christ drums and Beate Wein piano and bassnovation makes them a rarity in the scene of music.    

“An irresistible pull” so says the press beginning of 2018 (Harry Schmidt).

To be called to free improvisation the music takes on a life of its own at the very moment, stomping beats change with buoyant piano lines, catchy tunes with complex intricate rhythms. The trio succeeds in becoming a body of sound.

“Wolter gives the trio a psychedelic perspective, adding to the power of contemporary piano trios like GoGo Penguin or Rusconi to which the sound of Pulsar trio can indeed be related to, a dimension of world music.”  (2018, Harry Schmidt)

They played among others at TFF (winner of the Global Music Contest CREOLE 2014), Fusion Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Bayerisches Jazzweekend, Leverkusener Jazztage, Massala Festival as well as numerous Jazzclubs being talked about/considered an insider´s tip.  





PULSAR Zoo of Songs

Artwork by Jenni Ottilie Keppler



Music wise having grown together even closer and precisely as a clockwork the new pieces present with organic-stringent texture and some new sound colours in the common Pulsar Trio habit.

Some of the pieces were inspired by working on dance performance “Flugmodus” with dancers of Laura Heinecke Company.

The album was recorded together with Arno Jordan and Peter Junge at Schloss Röhrsdorf. It was mixed and mastered by Arno Jordan.

The album “Zoo of Songs” was released on the 6th of April 2018 at t3Records.





Coverfoto: Matyas Wolter

2015 was a year full of concerts. It started with a creative vacation at Kai Mader´s Dorfplatz Studio Kanin.
Surrounded by nature and far extending landscape the songs of the album “Cäthes Traum” emerged.
The compositions were recorded together with Idan Altman at Greve Studios in Berlin. They were mixed and mastered by Idan Altman as well.
The second album “CÄTHES TRAUM” was released 2016 at  t3 Records.







Erpelparka Suite


Artwork by Jenni Ottlie Keppler

2011 they recorded their debut at Niederlausitz, the home pastures of the pianist. Their debut album “Erpelparka Suite” was released in 2012 at the prestigious British label FIRST HAND RECORDS.

Recorded and mixed it was by Kai Mader, mastered by Nikolaus Schwab.

With that album they successfully toured England, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and Austria.

They fascinated their audience at festivals like Glastonbury, Fusion, TFF Rudolstadt, 3000 Grad, Leverkusener Jazztage, Bayerisches Jazzweekend, Masala Festival Hannover and won not least the Music Contest CREOLE in 2014.

Mittelbayrische Zeitung says:


“What stands out pleasantly about Pulsar Trio and their jazzy world music with a fine-tuned psychedelic element is the casual obviousness, by which Matyas Wolter at the sitar and Beate Wein at the piano act together. (…) Because of that, and due to the fact that the trio is completed by Aaron Christ as another lateral thinking and if required highly sensitive drummer, the three from Potsdam are absolutely worth listening to. In terms of fun-/good mood factor hardly any of the big-wigs (in music) will touch them.”




 “… slightly psychedelic sound of the purely instrumental band. Sitar, drums and piano were in full harmony. ”

uk radio, 2012 

“Melodic loops condense in sophisticated dramatic composition, the percussion whispering in a fragile way, and in a lyric breathing pause even verses by Friedrich Schiller take effect. Would presumably also have been to Ravi Shankar´s liking.”
Stefan Franzen, Rolling Stone, 06/2016

„A world travelling, unbounded, musical gourmet temple, that trio. (...) Those eleven pieces on the album inherit versatility and freedom – so excitingly fresh and flowing like untamed rivers full of glittering fish.“
- Volly Tanner, Schall 04/2016 -

„Pulsar Trio from Potsdam takes the listener on a journey around the world, through time and space, touching on literature and thus challenging the ability of abstraction. (...) The free-spirited atmosphere of their pieces is catchy and tangible.“
• Tim Tschentscher, Mint 05/2016 -

„As always the trio creates a vibrant treat for the ears with lots of tiny chapters (...)“
• Stefan Franzen, Jazzthing 04/05/2016 –

“…oddly instrumented jazz trio revealed as a thrilling interstellar eruption when playing” Folker, 2016

“…quite instantly a fascination will arise which is difficult to refrain from.”
Dirk Becker, PNN, 2012

“…those fascinating moments are coming up, in which compositions get almost physical thus permanently changing shape and colour like the fastly rotating neutron star Pulsar.”
Folker, 2016

“With the piano, percussion and the sitar those three musicians have created a fascinating sound constellation, in which two apparently contrasting solo instruments, piano and sitar
enter into a wonderfully thriving liaison.”
Dirk Becker, PNN, 2012

“The interaction of Beate Wein at the piano and Matyas Wolter at the sitar was guided by an intoxicating precision, as if both instruments would not be an arranged marriage of two cultures but rooted in a natural symbiosis. Aaron Christ accompanied playing the drums as cool-headed jazzy, that you almost could not trust your ears.”
Oliver Dietrich, PNN, 2012



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Zoo Of Songs

(2018, T3Records)

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Cäthes Traum

(2016, T3Records)

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Erpelparka Suite

(2012, First Hand Records)


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