Press PhotoGRAPHS

The following press photographs are permitted to be be released for concert announcements or reviews about Pulsar Trio by stating the author of the picture. 

Pulsartrio 2020 C Benjamin Maltry web


Credits © Benjamin Maltry
DOWNLOAD (zip ca. 19,MB)


Pulsar Trio Foto bunt Andre Stiebitz web

Credits © André Stiebitz
DOWNLOAD (zip ca. 4,44,MB)


ResizedImage600840 PulsarTrio Bandfoto 2018 2

Credits © Der bumme Lux
DOWNLOAD (zip ca. 18,1MB)


PulsarTrio 2015 sevens+maltry. webjpg

Credits © sevens[+]maltry Fotografen
DOWNLOAD (zip ca. 7 MB)




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