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Foto: Helmut Dobratz

Aaron Christ


Aaron Christ is a musician and music educator. He learned the profession of educator and has been a freelance musician since 2011. As a child he played in many small ensembles of his home city Rudolstadt. Here he was shaped on the one hand by his family of musicians and artists, as well as by the well-known Rudolstadt World Music Festival. In 2007 he co-founded the internationally respected Pulsar Trio with Beate Wein and Matyas Wolter. During this time four studio albums and one live album were produced besides countless international appeareances on stages and festivals.
In 2010 Aaron trained as a clown clinic at the TUT clown school in Hanover
also in the Potsdam clown clinic. He also played in the Potsdamer Band
"Monday Orchestra". In 2015, together with Marcel Pilz and Ronald Cosmann, he founded the children's song trio "der
Bunte Hund", they produced a CD and mainly played regional concerts and gave
Various music workshops for children's groups. Christ also founded the folk band
"Penrose Trio" for which he composed many pieces and produced a CD.
In 2016 he also founded the duo "Linkaa" together with Polina Borrisova.
Furthermore, the band "Cirque BümBüm" was founded, this band makes it their task
Hammond organ, drums and vocals to improvise completely.
In 2022, Christ worked as a musician on the stage performance - assemblage - with the group
Concrete 101 in Potsdam for the Potsdam factory.